Recipe: Wispa La Bru

irn bruThe following recipe never fails to generate excitement, whether it’s served in a restaurant environment or whether it’s offered as breakfast in bed on Valentine’s Day. Simple, sexy and exquisite – as all food should be.

Ingredients: Wispa, Irn Bru, quarter litre gravy, lime, haddock.

The method:

1) Submerge a Wispa in Irn Bru for 40 mins.

2) Dip the Wispa slowly into gravy. Ideally you should use vegetarian gravy, but chicken or oyster gravy will suffice.

3) Chop into one-centimetre cubes.

4) Add a squeeze of lime.

5) Serve with haddock.

6) Tuck in.

Serves 4

Similar Recipes: Wispa La Fanta, Wispa La Orangina, Wispa La Tropicana, Wispa La Cherry Coke, Wispa La Lilt.

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